Last Updated: 7/17/01



WM-918/WX200 Weather Station



How to Make your Rainguage More Precise & More Accurate

Information Provided By: Tom Cathey

        All you need is a cheap plastic or tupperware container that can found at a grocery store. The bottom of the container will need to be cut out and then use strips of duck tape to secure it. You want a container that  fits inside the rainguage (at least part way inside). The diameter of the rainguage mouth is 3.9 inches. So you'll want a container that is 3.9 in. at the bottom and about 5.4 inches at the top (5.4 inches is if you want a resolution of .02, if you want something like .01, you'll need a bigger container. Next use the Pi Are Squared formula  to calculate the ratio of the old versus new "collector" area. If you use Virtual Weather Station (VWS), your result for the Pi Are Squared formula, is the gain in VWS (any other software program that has the ability to calculate gain, will work too). For a picture of this on my rainguage, go to: Weather Station Info. If you want any other info or have questions, you can e-mail me.


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